Where should you buy property in Spain: inland or by the beach?

One of the most difficult decisions you need to make when considering buying real estate on the Costa del Sol is the location; whether you should head towards the beach or mountains. Have you ever returned from a beach holiday feeling energized and younger or maybe you feel healthier and happier after a long trek through the countryside? Luckily there are many houses in Spain that can accommodate your geographical preference, whether this is the mountains and countryside or the coast.

Beach houses

Living in a seafront villa or apartment, where you can hear the crash of the waves and soak up the spectacular sunrise and sets is a dream for many people. Beachside living seems to offer the ultimate outdoor lifestyle of long-sunny days, sights and smells of the ocean, and the many amenities in place to cater for both residents and tourists. There is obviously a cost consideration, as the stock of properties is much more restricted. This beautiful apartment in Benalmadena costa offers everything that you could want, starting with a stunning contemporary layout and uninterrupted sea views. The perfect escape from harsh winters overseas and a sea breeze to cool you down in the heat of Spain’s sizzling summers.

Superb amenities

Beach houses on the Costa del Sol, also benefit from a cosmopolitan atmosphere due to the number of foreign tourists who expect international standards of service and types of amenities. Travel links are superb, linking one end of the coast to the other, and along the coastal road you can access numerous different communities, beaches, golf courses, shopping centres and hospitals.

Fresh seafood

Beachside living also gives you access to the healthy Mediterranean diet, with a cornucopia of restaurants offering freshly caught fish and seafood, locally sourced vegetables and fruit. Making the diet not only delicious and healthy but also sustainable. Marbella and Puerto Banus are known for having a wide variety of restaurants, including Michelin starred establishments like Dani Garcia’s Lobito de Mar and Bibo. It is possible to find every type of cuisine, from fresh tapas at a beachside chiringuito to fine dining restaurants.

Let the waves wash over you

Research has found that sound of waves can sooth the brain, creating a deep calm and relaxed state. The sound also stimulates the body’s healing mechanisms enabling it to fight bronchitis, asthma and every day aches. Close proximity to the beach also allows you to get out and about, whether jogging along the paseo, walking on the sand, stand up paddleboarding or swimming… it’s one of the most exhilarating ways to stay active, happy and healthy. Imvesta offers a wide range of beachside properties, so there is bound to be one suited to you.

Inland property

However, the beach is not for everyone. The most obvious benefits of choosing inland property and the accompanying lifestyle, are the open spaces, close proximity to nature, mountain views and fresh air. Waking up to the sounds of nature such as birdsong as opposed to traffic is one of the many wonders of living inland. The slower pace of life allows you to appreciate your countryside surroundings, be it dramatic mountain ranges or the wildlife like wild boar, deer, rabbits or eagles which are prevalent in the Andalusian countryside.

Lower cost of living

It is a well-known fact that the further away from the beach the lower the cost of living. For obvious reasons, beachfront property for sale attracts a much higher price tag than a similar inland villa, making it much easier to find larger inland properties with their own land at a more affordable price. For example, this stunning hilltop villa in Istan is set within a substantial 14,000m² plot, which is completely private and offers the opportunity to expand if and when desired. If you prefer to be surrounded by forest, properties such as this fantastic Finca – Cortijo also for sale in Istan, offers the perfect rustic retreat, which is in fact just a few minutes from the Coast!

Imagine owning your own little piece of paradise, perhaps olive or almond groves and fruit orchards. Perhaps you could live off the land, growing your own fresh vegetables and sell or giving away any surplus. It is a dream for many people to become more self-sufficient, to live a simpler and more healthy life….with some of the best possible panoramic coastal views.

Countryside living

Not only are these inland properties cheaper than the majority of beach homes for sale on the Costa del Sol, they are usually part of a local community. This means that you have the opportunity to experience the southern Spanish culture, undiluted by tourism. You will also have lots of healthy countryside pursuits literally on your doorstep, such as hiking, trekking, mountain biking, horse riding.

Inland property in white villages

Alternatively, if you fancy starting a business such as a hotel or restaurant, this semi-detached house in Ojen is located just a few steps from the town’s main square. Inland white villages (like Ojen) and the surrounding countryside offer the best of all worlds; a beautiful setting, an established traditional community with lovely little bars and restaurants. Also, when you fancy it, you can jump in the car and within a short drive you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the beach, then return to your idyllic peaceful lifestyle when you are ready.

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